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The End of Back Pain
Access Your Hidden Core to Heal Your Body

In The End of Back Pain, neurosurgeon Patrick Roth, M.D., reveals that, more often than not, back pain is caused by a set of underdeveloped core muscles that control the stability and alignment of the spine that are not being used. He details a specialized exercise program to strengthen and develop those muscles to relieve, control, and even prevent chronic pain. Read more>>

"Bottom line, this is a GREAT BOOK. Must reading for anyone with a back." —Edward Benzel, M.D., Chairman of Neurosurgery, Cleveland Clinic

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The North Jersey Brain and Spine Center

North Jersey Brain and Spine group is dedicated to the delivery of expedient, compassionate, and technologically sophisticated care. Our goals are to offer the finest conservative and surgical care and to help educate our patients and the community of physicians about the latest advances in the rapidly changing world of neurosciences. For more information visit their website.

For new patients or those who want to learn more about back pain and disorders of the spine.

How I Discovered the Hidden Core

When I was just starting to practice neurosurgery, I experienced a month-long episode of severe back pain. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test of my lumbar spine revealed a herniated L5–S1 disc, as well as a chronic condition called spondylolisthesis—the result of a stress fracture that had occurred while I was playing football years before (and that undoubtedly had been the cause of my adolescent back pain). I showed my MRI to my neurosurgical peers, who uniformly recommended surgery. I was just starting my career, however, and couldn't bear the idea of spending several weeks in recovery. Read more>>